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About Us

Third Culture was founded by Bandung local Matahari Kesadaran in 2020. As a lover of fashion and pop culture, Matahari appreciated the streetwear trends and aesthetics pioneered by designers such as Kanye West and Virgil Abloh. However, he was concerned about the growth of "hype beast" culture, which emphasized wearing expensive and overhyped brands for clout instead of purely for style and aesthetics. He wanted to look good, but also cared about spending money in a responsible manner. He realized that a lot of people, especially in developing countries like Indonesia, simply cannot afford the prices these brands were charging. They either go broke trying to look cool or spend money on cheap knockoffs that belittle creativity and project a fake self image.

In an ironic twist, he noticed that many popular fashion brands were produced in Indonesia. These brands take items produced by local manufacturers, import them to the US and Europe, and sell it back to Indonesians at an incredibly marked up price. Even more ironically, Indonesia has some of the best streetwear designers in the world. These designers dominate global marketplaces such as Fiverr, where their talents are sought after by many foreign brands.

If Indonesia produces and designs clothes for the world's leading brands, why not simply purchase from local producers, support Indonesian businesses, and enjoy the same high quality clothing at a much more affordable price?

With this in mind, he decided to use his knowledge of fashion and design in order to curate the best high-quality affordable streetwear produced by local businesses.